Self-Hypnosis Relieves Pain

In 1999 the British Medical Journal advanced its opinion that hypnosis was effective for many more things including relief from the treatments of cancer, panic disorders, insomnia, phobias, obesity, pain, asthma, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

Let Go Of That Person–Now

Let Go Of That Person–Now.  Self-Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for helping to get rid of a person from your consciousness. Of course it’s more effective in a professional setting, but this exercise helps align your unconscious with the ‘letting go’ program.  You may make a tape to listen to before going to bed.  Contact me if you would like … Read More

10 Ways You Can Increase Your Brain Power

10 Ways You Can Increase Your Brain Power The top ten actions to take care of your brain. Hang in and you’ll be rewarded. 10. The hippocampus is essential to our ability to learn. However we can support the hippocampus will help in many areas of our life. Inversely, avoid doing things that make the hippocampus shrink. Keep this in mind as … Read More