A Weight Loss System That Works (Pt. 3)

Nutrition Is About Knowing What You Put in Your Mouth And now the last part of my talk: Nutrition. This is a complex topic, and while I’m not a Nutritionist per se, it doesn’t take one to comment on the state of food today. It stinks. Food today is nothing like the food that our parents or grandparents ate. That’s … Read More

Attack Of The Killer Allergens Part 1

Food Allergies And The 5 Major Stressors This is not an piece on a little known ’80s punk band. This piece of the puzzle that is ‘health’ explores an often overlooked aspect of healing work.  In order to truly heal (i.e., do more than mask the symptoms with an invasive procedure such as medication) we must determine the underlying barriers to … Read More

How’d We Get In This Health Mess? Food.

How’d We Get In This Health Mess? Food. These words come from a nutritional prophet, Dr. Royal Lee. It is true that this dentist, who was active in from the 1930’s to the 1960’s, was hunted and called a criminal for his radical theories (some things never change!)  But what he wrote was both prescient, and not pretty. “We have drifted … Read More

Eating Defensively, Or, In Praise Of Curmudgeons

Fully 70% of our populace in this country is either overweight or suffers from obesity. We as a nation have been hoodwinked into believing the lies about what is supposed to be good for us. In the process we’ve all become addicts to nasty foods that makes us terribly ill, and are extremely hard to kick.