Hypnosis Beats Diet For IBS Relief

2 studies found that one hour a week of hypnosis for 12 weeks eased symptoms of irritable-bowel syndrome in 40% of patients (compared with 12% in a control group).

Treat Unexplained Infertility with Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is excellent for reducing stress, and instills a sense of control in the client. This in turn enables her to maximize her chances of conceiving naturally and/or increasing the success of medical assistance such as IVF.


When we talk about an attitude shift we are talking about going into our core, the unconscious, in order to modify behavior. In a way it’s not unlike any coach giving his team a pep talk, drilling his message into them until they can ‘say it in their sleep’.

Acupuncture, The Oldest Medicine

An NIH report stated, “the data in support of acupuncture are as strong as those for many accepted Western medical therapies.”

Eating Defensively, Or, In Praise Of Curmudgeons

Fully 70% of our populace in this country is either overweight or suffers from obesity. We as a nation have been hoodwinked into believing the lies about what is supposed to be good for us. In the process we’ve all become addicts to nasty foods that makes us terribly ill, and are extremely hard to kick.

Milk Thistle Soothes The Liver

This twiggy, aromatic herb works to soothe your liver in whichever form you take it: as an herb for the purist who likes funky tasting teas, or, for the rest of us, as an easy-to-find supplement.

Hypnosis Treats Guilt And Its Discontents

I told him that one session probably wouldn’t rewire 36 years worth of Catholic Guilt, any more than it would do so for the Jewish version. That said, it was possible that hypnosis could ease this particular situation. We both agreed it was worth a try.

Acupuncture As A Fatigue And Pain Treatment

Acupuncture Is A Treatment for Fatigue And Pain (Rachelle Holmes was kind enough to offer to do a guest post on acupuncture; I’m happy to oblige her.) By Rachelle Holmes of Chicago Breast Augmentation and Chicago Liposuction Center, MetropolitanMDs. Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of health care and treatments on the planet, but it still serves its purposes … Read More

Acupuncture, Meet Hypnosis For Weight Loss And More

Combining hypnosis with acupuncture is a powerful combination to lose weight in a relaxed manner. Hypnosis is a safe, therapeutic tool that helps clients to lose weigh, reduce stress, pain and anxiety, and

Selling Creativity: The Artist’s dilemma

Acupuncture treats anxiety, depression and panic attacks. As a practitioner for fifteen years, I’ve seen many creative people; they tend to be highly receptive to subtle changes in the body’s energy.