Pain Free Birth With Hypnosis

how did a process wherein a woman’s body is in alignment with nature turn into a horrifying event dreaded by every female in the Western world?


The second reason we hypnotists like to do away with this diagnosis is because we know that a diagnosis is rarely the cause of an issue. It is a symptom of something else altogether that is going on in the psyche.

Get Anxiety Relief Without Medication

Hypnosis is known to change brain wave activity substantially. And when you access the subconscious mind change tends to remain in place far, far longer than taking a pill nightly/daily does.

Hypnosis Is A Proven Cancer Therapy

For many who have used it, hypnosis is a proven cancer therapy. For some time now I’ve used acupuncture and/or hypnosis with cancer patients in my New York clinic. Depending on the expectations, we get excellent results.  It is essential to have clearly defined expectations, and then to go about seeking to surpass them.  And while some would call this … Read More

Ease Pain with Acupuncture And Hypnosis

I just came across several interesting articles on the melding of acupuncture and hypnosis within a single therapeutic session. One of these articles was authored by Andrew Weill. The other was by Steven Gugevich, Ph.D., who experienced this modality, which I use consistently in my own practice. That they both acknowledged the synergistic effects of these two amazing therapies only served to underline what experience tells me is true.

Acupuncture Is A Natural Insomnia Cure

Acupuncture Is A Natural Insomnia Cure Acupuncture is a natural insomnia cure, and better than any drug. Sleep, goes the old saw, is overrated. The pronouncement is often uttered by a bleary-eyed person when asked why they are not home asleep, snoring for all they are worth.  And that may be true for them. Yet there are many people who’d love … Read More


For too long we, as a culture, have been tethered to a style of medicine that relies on drugs, surgery or radiation for curative strategies. Call it wishful thinking on my part, but I maintain that we are slowly turning the beast around.

Selling Creativity: The Artist’s dilemma

Acupuncture treats anxiety, depression and panic attacks. As a practitioner for fifteen years, I’ve seen many creative people; they tend to be highly receptive to subtle changes in the body’s energy.