Anxiety Relief

It is our belief that you would rather have a life that you look forward to, rather than one you can only look back on. For that, and other reasons, we offer a safe alternative to chemical medicine for the treatment of:

  • Generalized Free-floating Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Vague Fears and nerves
  • Phobias
  • Difficulty Coping With Stres
Performance anxiety
Worry and uncertainty
Anxiety linked to low self esteem or confidence.

When it comes to your health, managing stress is essential. The systems for stress reduction that we utilize–acupuncture and hypnotherapy-can dramatically downshift both stress and anxiety. 

Our 23 years of experience in treating stress and anxiety helps to inform us on how to best therapeutically treat you. For those who are interested in trance work, I teach self hypnosis.  

1. How Can Acupuncture Help Me.
By placing hair thin pins in the body along particular energetic pathways, or meridians, we are able to release endorphin, a chemical in the body, while balancing serotonin levels. The goal of acupuncture is always to restore homeostasis (balance) in both the body in the mind. Our goal is always to ease discomfort and stress-related syndromes.  

2. How Can Hypnosis Help Me.
When managing stress with hypnosis, we key in on attitudes that no longer serve you. We then: 

  1. Identify the triggers that until now set off these stressors
  2. Break these old triggers down before they can manifest
  3. Replace them with functioning ways to handle whatever is before you.

  You’ll learn self-relaxation techniques that allow you take action. We replace the old ‘stories’, with new ones that are in keeping with the person you aspire to become. In this way you may see very real change after one or two sessions. Within a few sessions people often find they are acting, feeling, hearing and seeing themselves in a different, far more positive way. 

3.  How can Supplement therapy help me
Nutrition Testing is a safe but powerful alternative to drugs (for more on this, click here).  In brief, we test your internal health using a form of physiological testing called Applied Kinesiology (AK), which has been used by Doctors, Physical therapists and Osteopaths for over 50 years. If your system is holding toxins, or you have one or more ‘depleted’ organs (adrenal, thyroid or parotid burnout among them),  chemicals misfire and thus impact negatively on the emotions. The ‘typical’ New Yorker exists in a state of perpetual fight-or-flight mode,unable to fully sleep at night or relax during the day.  Anxious clients are often found to have severely depleted adrenal glands. In such cases we prescribe whole food nutrition to the weakest organ.

Why live with stress or anxiety when you can eliminate it. If you want help in relieving stress, Contact us.