Blue Phoenix Wellness carries a full service pharmacy. At our disposal we have Chinese Herbs, Supplements and CBD products. They are all from companies that were rigorously tested for quality control. They work on their own, and synergistically, to treat many issues including:

Insomnia: Chinese Herbology has over three thousand years of experience with sleep dysfunction. Whether you have a hard time getting to sleep, staying asleep or both, the herbs we stock can be of help. Chinese Medicine is very much symptom specific. If you tend to run cold, we might prescribe one over a different one for someone who is experiencing hot flashes. A supplement such as 5-HTP might be used rather than Melatonin for someone whose Cortisol levels are out of control.  We also have several CBD products that are highly effective for helping the sympathetic nervous system calm down at night.

Pain: Certain herb formulas are targeted for neck, shoulder, back or joint pain. Others are more for an arthritic condition. We also use high grade salves for pain.

Anxiety–One of the great claims that Chinese medicine can make is that there are herbs to mitigate modern-day anxiety. This can be especially true if you live in New York City. There are supplements that reboot the nervous system, and we are able to test whether your adrenal system is fatigued. If so, we help you start repairing your nervous system with supplements to calm down without having to completely zone out.

Digestive Issues: This is a broad category encompassing issues from IBS to acid reflux, constipation and diarrhea. Chinese medicine can go a long way toward helping all of them, as can targeted supplements. We diagnose and then treat for whichever problem you are experiencing.

Stress: In of itself, the word stress is vague, but you know it when you’ve got it. It’s often a feeling of tension that simply won’t go away. Herbs and CBD can help greatly to unwind the sympathetic nervous system and jumpstart the relaxing parasympathetic nervous system.