Hypnosis for Obsessive Thinking

People are often surprised to hear that hypnosis can quiet down obsessive thinking.

The possibilities for obsessive thinking are seemingly infinite.  Whether it manifests as a real or imagined health issue, a situation that feels out of control,  circular and relentless rumination over a person or a lost job (or object).  And while almost everyone has at one time or another experienced this exhausting activity, the feeling remains dark and uncomfortable regardless.  In its heightened form it is often termed OCD and immediately conjures a chemical ‘solution’, though the word solution implies cure, which the drugs for OCD never seem to get around to doing.

As hypnotists, we often deconstruct the harsh diagnosis and make it less severe. Often the client comes in with the weight of the diagnosis like an anchor around the neck.  While the reaction is understandable, the diagnosis rarely is helpful.  The presenting ‘issue’ (in this case OCD or ADHD) rarely addresses what is going on.  It describes a symptom only, being a a catch-all phrase that rarely addresses what is going on.

After the intake at my New York clinic, we get to work.  Our goal is to eliminate obsessive thought patterns within three sessions or less, using classical hypnosis and or Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

When something’s amiss, the subconscious mind sends out symbols that that is the case. Ruminative thinking is one way the subconscious mind tries to communicate to the conscious mind that something is wrong.  We work with the patient to enter into trance to access their subconscious mind . Clients are  often amazed at the results they get, and all with the power of their own mind.

Shocking, indeed.