Hypnosis is an ancient therapeutic system that helps us access parts of our mind that we normally can’t reach. It is known that the conscious mind is only then percent of our brain activity. The other 90% is normally hidden from us, but by accessing that part of us we are able to utilize strengths we didn’t know we had.

What Is Hypnosis

We tend to drift through multiple states of awareness in a single day. One such state into which we commonly enter, while performing daily functions and without knowing it, is a state of trance, or hypnosis. When we become absorbed in a book to the exclusion of everything around us, that’s a form of trance. When we’re driving on a freeway and miss an exit because we’re lost in thought, that too, is trance. The flickering TV screen mesmerizes us powerfully. Being “in the zone”, even meditating, they all are on a trance continuum. What these states share is a sense of focused awareness and relaxation.

Today we use hypnosis, or trance work, in order to help our patients to control their destiny. Along the way they will far more easily:

  • Conquer cravings including smoking cessation, weight release, sugar addiction, vaping and more
  • Diminish insomnia, anxiety, and stress using both Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and classical Medical hypnosis
  • Release compulsions such as nail-biting, hair pulling and phobias (fear of flying, spiders, subways and claustrophobia among others)
  • Learn ego-strengthening skills, improve test-taking and conquer procrastination
  • Access the past that they may want to recall Regression therapy