HYPNOPUNCTURE: The Best of Acupuncture + Hypnosis

A. What is Hypnopuncture?
Q. Hypnopuncture is a relatively new treatment modality; by combining the ancient science of acupuncture with the equally ancient art of hypnotic trance, the client often sees positive shifts in both body and mind.

Q. Who are the best candidates for Hypnopuncture?
A.Those who have had unsatisfactory results from other modalities will often experience the greatest rewards. These include people with issues related to….

Q. How do acupuncture and hypnosis work?
A. Although these explanations are greatly simplified, still, Acupuncture moves stuck electromagnetic energy to ‘jumpstart’ the body’s immune processes.  Hypnosis, often described as a state of physical relaxation accompanied by mental concentration, accesses the subconscious in order to affect desired long-lasting change.

Q. Do you always use needles in this process, and if so, how many do you use?
A. Whether using painless pins or magnets, I typically use four to eight core acupuncture points to clear a path for healing.

Q. Is it safe to mix two different systems? 
A. After utilizing both together for ten years, I can say the treatment is absolutely safe. They both seek to create homeostasis (balance) in both body and mind.  When used together under the right circumstances, they work synergistically. Clients often report afterwards that they experienced a deeper healing experience than any they had ever accessed previously.  

Q. Acupuncture is great. Why would I need to use hypnosis on top of that?
A. The subconscious is our source of wisdom and positive action. Before an old habit or mindset can shift, the subconscious has to agree to this new ‘contract’. This is why diets often fail and fail again: The subconscious has not been accessed. Trance is the method whereby that agreement takes place.

Q. Do you suggest Hypnopuncture for everybody who walks into your office?
A. Absolutely not.  I wouldn’t hypnotize someone with a sprained ankle, just as a ‘fear of flying’ client might not see benefits from acupuncture. Before any treatment I develop a Report Of Findings to determine if the client is a viable candidate for treatment of any kind. If they are, then we discuss what the best direction might be for that particular client.

If you think you might be a candidate for acupuncture, hypnosis, or hypnopuncture, contact me for a 15 minute free consultation at 212 777 7191.