Healing The Sprained Funny Bone

There are times when life hands us lemons, and we can turn them into….lemon meringue pies just perfect for a pie fight!  Not that I’d ever do that, mind you…

And yet, it’s come to be my belief that we are a very…serious…culture. Granted, I live in New York City, where it seems almost a crime to walk down the street whistling, singing, laughing to yourself or doing anything that belies the fact that…You Mean…Business.

And there is much out there that has a funny side to it, healing work being no exception. Yes, Asian Medicine can be a virtual riot. I just came across this wonderful piece in YouTube named, appropriately, But You’re Not Chinese. That it addresses many of the standard ‘issues’ around attitudes around acupuncture is marvelous; that it does so in a very funny, yet benign way, is out-and-out brilliant.


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So the point of this missive is merely to say, Chill Out.

Give yourself a virtual hug. I encourage you to laugh without embarrassment or self-consciousness, whether over a dirty joke, a faux-pas (your own) or a bad pun, it doesn’t matter so long as you engage your funny bone.  Some people say that laughter itself is healing.

Naturally, when I get on a soapbox like this, it’s a sign that the person who needs my sermonette as much as anyone is…yours, truly.

What are your thoughts about all this?



Dan at Blue Phoenix.

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