Acupuncture For Back Pain


If you have been:

  • –Slowed down or restricted from taking part in favorite activities due to back pain
  • –Dissatisfied with the pain medications you’ve been taking,

images-5Acupuncture may be right for you.

 Acupuncture provides effective back pain relief and long-lasting benefits for sports related trauma, muscular pain due to acute trauma, and repetitive stress. The insertion of fine, sterile needles into pre-mapped zones stimulates the body to produce its own natural pain suppressants (endorphins) as well as anti-stress and anti-inflammatory hormones. It is a therapeutic option for back/knee/neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, or even crippling migraines.

Acupuncture is now used for after-treatment of accident trauma patients; the results include reduced pain, increased range of motion and reduction of lingering suffering. Chronic injury also responds well to acupuncture therapy, and may require a series of treatments, especially with longstanding problems and those that have not responded to any Western treatment.

Acupuncture has minimal side effects and almost no risks.


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