Lose Weight With Hormonal Balancing

Weight Loss: Hormonal Balancing And the 4 Body Types One filter with which we treat portion control is via the hormonal system, using body type to assist in diagnosis and treatment . There are four such types and they are Adrenal, Thyroid, Liver and Ovarian/Teste. Once we identify the prevalent one we treat accordingly using supplements, herbs, acupuncture and, when appropriate, … Read More

Carb Junkie: A Study in Portion Control

Carb Junkie: A Case Study In Portion Control The following case study is for those interested in now hypnosis  is used to learn portion control. Most people with weight issues know they should eat healthily and exercise more but instead turn to get thin quick diets and pills.  People dealing with pain, anxiety, depression and stress often resort to comfort … Read More

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

The No-Diet Method of Weight Release More and more people are using hypnosis for weight loss. Less known is that hypnosis andacupuncture together can help people lose weight more rapidly than any ‘diet’, exercise model or weight-loss gimmick. The genesis for this post was a NY Times article about how MD’s are ‘less nice’ to obese and overweight patients than … Read More

Repair The Thyroid Naturally

In testing women who are overweight, we often find hormonal imbalances. Not coincidentally, we find it is the thyroid that is most often in disrepair.  To say this in a different way, women with thyroid issues are often overweight.  When we treat the thyroid, the patient begins to function normally again. As the hormones are regulated, food cravings decrease, and … Read More

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Without Struggling.

Once people’s conscious desire, which is, “I want to lose weight” is aligned with the ‘I must survive’ needs of the unconscious mind, the conflicting viewpoints recede and people tend to keep the weight off.


The brain takes 20 minutes to receive the message that you are full—regardless of how much you’ve eaten in that time. So an ideal strategy for dieters is to begin with water-rich food, such as melon. By the time you move on to the main meal, you’re already starting to feel full. And that’s a good thing.

A Weight Loss System That Works (Pt. 3)

Nutrition Is About Knowing What You Put in Your Mouth And now the last part of my talk: Nutrition. This is a complex topic, and while I’m not a Nutritionist per se, it doesn’t take one to comment on the state of food today. It stinks. Food today is nothing like the food that our parents or grandparents ate. That’s … Read More


Chronic Junk Food eaters often have an immune challenge going on in their liver that’s undiscovered. The reason they crave junk food isn’t some sort innate emotional weakness; it’s that they can’t digest food properly.


 Portion Control–Without the Struggle. You’ve been down the roads, all of them. Weight Watchers, Paleo, Atkins, ad nauseum. Every diet has failed you, and you’re barely able to read this because it’s just another pitch to have you lose a bunch of weight only to see it return with a fury, plus five pounds.  If you think this describes you … Read More


We give the body the ability to produce the white blood cells that will help kill various types of bacteria, or digest and break down parasites where they might exist.