Relieve Stress With Hypnosis (Part II)

The conclusion arrived at holds that unmanaged reactions to stress are a more dangerous risk factor for cancer and heart disease than either cigarette smoking or high cholesterol foods. That makes unmanaged stress Numero Uno in the panoply of Things That Will Kill Us. But it makes sense. If I’m not managing stress, I’m succumbing to it in all sorts of nasty ways.

Why Diets Don’t Work: PART I

Many weight loss programs are damaging your liver. And if your liver’s not functioning properly, it’s nearly impossible to burn fat and therefore lose weight.

Hypnosis Treats Guilt And Its Discontents

I told him that one session probably wouldn’t rewire 36 years worth of Catholic Guilt, any more than it would do so for the Jewish version. That said, it was possible that hypnosis could ease this particular situation. We both agreed it was worth a try.

Acupuncture Is A Natural Insomnia Cure

Acupuncture Is A Natural Insomnia Cure Acupuncture is a natural insomnia cure, and better than any drug. Sleep, goes the old saw, is overrated. The pronouncement is often uttered by a bleary-eyed person when asked why they are not home asleep, snoring for all they are worth.  And that may be true for them. Yet there are many people who’d love … Read More

Acupuncture As A Fatigue And Pain Treatment

Acupuncture Is A Treatment for Fatigue And Pain (Rachelle Holmes was kind enough to offer to do a guest post on acupuncture; I’m happy to oblige her.) By Rachelle Holmes of Chicago Breast Augmentation and Chicago Liposuction Center, MetropolitanMDs. Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of health care and treatments on the planet, but it still serves its purposes … Read More

The Intake: A Dance

The Intake: A Dance The process of seeing a new patient remains a unique experience. It is understandable that a person new to acupuncture therapy might feel trepidation the first time out.  A process of collecting details in order to create a comprehensive diagnosis, the intake is an elegant encounter between an (often) apprehensive patient and the inquiring acupuncturist. For … Read More


For too long we, as a culture, have been tethered to a style of medicine that relies on drugs, surgery or radiation for curative strategies. Call it wishful thinking on my part, but I maintain that we are slowly turning the beast around.

NY Times Article On Acupuncture.

There are a handful of well-respected studies indicating that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for a range of conditions, like chronic headaches, osteoarthritis, depression in pregnancy and low back pain.