10 Ways You Can Increase Your Brain Power

10 Ways You Can Increase Your Brain Power The top ten actions to take care of your brain. Hang in and you’ll be rewarded. 10. The hippocampus is essential to our ability to learn. However we can support the hippocampus will help in many areas of our life. Inversely, avoid doing things that make the hippocampus shrink. Keep this in mind as … Read More


This technique asks you to focus on the senses: what you see, hear and feel, as a way of keeping your conscious mind busy so it doesn’t sabotage your unconscious as it works to fulfill your goal for the hypnosis session.

HYPNOPUNCTURE: The Best of Acupuncture + Hypnosis

Acutrance is a relatively new treatment modality that combines the ancient sciences acupuncture and trance in order to accelerate positive shifts in the body, mind and spirit. The common goal of both systems is to bring the body and mind into balance. When combined in Acutrance, the two modalities work synergistically to strengthen the power of other one, thereby creating a deeper, more resonant healing experience.

The Insurance Scam

People, and companies, are paying for benefits that they rarely receive. A case in point: Acupuncture. I am a provider for three major companies, and for a host of smaller ‘providers’. Which is great, because they come to me through their directories. My negative experiences in attempting to ‘collect’ my fee up and above the co-pay, has both tainted my ability to go this route, and clarified for me one thing: Insurance Companies are perpetrating a racket.

The Liver Lover’s Protocol

The Liver Lover’s Protocol Whether you are Hepatitis C positive or simply want to be deeply loving to your liver, here’s an herb protocol that I have used in my practice with several individuals who have hepatitis C (one was Genotype 1-A, the other 1-B). Doing this protocol in a rigorous manner brought their liver enzymes from  abnormal to normal range. … Read More

Reduce Anxiety/Panic With Vitamin B Complex

The emotional aspect of Vitamin B Deficiency is rarely reported. These are some of the symptoms:
Anxiety; Irregular heartbeat; Forgetfulness; Uneasiness; Weakness and fatigue; Indigestion; Mental confusion; Sweet cravings; Insomnia; Rage.

A Day In The Life…Of An NYC Acupuncturist

It was a terrific first job, where I was able to treat sciatica, chronic knee, shoulder, and elbow pain, along with insomnia and anxiety. So I found Alan and, after offering him a cut of my commission, off we went.

Magnet Therapy

A report from University of Tokyo Medical School reported that nearly 80% of patients reacted positively to magnet therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy

Often the preferred treatment for painful conditions, LLLT treats diverse conditions with similar results as with using needles.