Acupuncture Combats Hypertension

With acupuncture we treat hypertension naturally, without chemical solutions. It is estimated that some 67 million American adults, or 31% of the population, currently have blood pressure levels that are at an unhealthily high level. Many people ask, rightly, how it is that acupuncture can help with this otherwise difficult-to-treat condition. The insertion of tiny, painless and sterile pins into … Read More

Hypnosis Beats Diet For IBS Relief

2 studies found that one hour a week of hypnosis for 12 weeks eased symptoms of irritable-bowel syndrome in 40% of patients (compared with 12% in a control group).

Reduce Stress, Stimulate Fertility

Fertility, And Its Link To Stress We hear about the mind-body connection, but until recently fertility was only rarely considered part that process. And yet stress plays a huge role—and a negative one—in a woman’s ability to conceive. A woman under undue stress can experience any one of numerous physical responses, including loss of period. The use of Hypnosis serves … Read More

Relieve Anxiety/Obsessive Thoughts

ANXIETY: A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE The Western medical community considers anxiety to be one of the most difficult conditions to treat and, rather than try to cure it, medicates. Often there are emotional causes, and talk therapy treats these conditions with some success, over many sessions.  More often there is a physiological response taking place in the hormones. Neurotransmitters congregate near … Read More

Anxious About Your Anxiety? Relax.

People ask how I can help them with anxiety. I generally use my double barrel approach, the body/mind way, utilizing both acupuncture and hypnosis. How does that work? Acupuncture does several things. One, it stimulates endorphins, the chemical that gives runners their ‘runner’s high’. Second, it relaxes the muscles much like a massage does. If you’ve ever had one, it’s … Read More

Workplace Stress And Anxiety

For many of us, the daily routine of life has become a laundry list of mind jangling tasks that induce stress and take a toll on our minds and, ultimately, on our bodies.  This can impact negatively on our ability to be productive at work. The Blue Phoenix Stress-Less Program is highly effective to combat stress, combining in one session … Read More


Acupuncture Relieves Anxiety and Stress Do one or more of these syndromes nag you?  Generalized Free-floating Anxiety Panic attacks Obsessive thoughts Vague Fears and nerves Phobias Difficulty Coping With Stres 
Performance anxiety 
Worry and uncertainty 
Anxiety linked to low self esteem or confidence.  If so, read on.  When it comes to your health, managing stress is essential and yet often … Read More

Ease Pain with Acupuncture And Hypnosis

I just came across several interesting articles on the melding of acupuncture and hypnosis within a single therapeutic session. One of these articles was authored by Andrew Weill. The other was by Steven Gugevich, Ph.D., who experienced this modality, which I use consistently in my own practice. That they both acknowledged the synergistic effects of these two amazing therapies only served to underline what experience tells me is true.

Taoist Meditation 3: Turn Off The Dark!

The sexual energy you may experience can be used to propel the circulating power of your Qi. Initially, however, it’s best to learn to circulate the Energy Wheel without sexual distraction.