Hypnosis And Insomnia

A person may be unable to sleep soundly through the night for multiple reasons. The problem may have begun in childhood due to a simple issue such as having been awakened from a deep sleep. This would create an imprint that hypnosis can bring to the surface. Or it might be more recent, due to financial issues, death of a … Read More

Hypnosis for Obsessive Thinking

People are often surprised to hear that hypnosis can quiet down obsessive thinking. The possibilities for obsessive thinking are seemingly infinite.  Whether it manifests as a real or imagined health issue, a situation that feels out of control,  circular and relentless rumination over a person or a lost job (or object).  And while almost everyone has at one time or … Read More

Hypnosis For Weight Loss

Hypnosis For Weight Loss More and more people are using hypnosis for weight loss. Less known is that hypnosis and acupuncture together can help people lose weight more rapidly than any ‘diet’, exercise model or weight-loss gimmick. The genesis for this post was a NY Times article about how MD’s are ‘less nice’ to obese and overweight patients than they … Read More


INSOMNIA: TREATING IT NATURALLY Getting enough sleep is crucial. But people are looking for help beyond taking sleeping pills. We find an integrated approach works best.   Q. Are there potential issues around using medications for insomnia? Drugs for insomnia mask the problem without eliminating it. The cause of the sleeplessness, now hidden, continues to grow. The invariable side effects … Read More


ACUPUNCTURE FOR ADDICTIONS People hear that using acupuncture for addictions to alcohol and drugs can be highly effective. And while this is very, true–Dr. Michael Smith of Lincoln Hospital in the South Bronx  has implemented acupuncture for over 25 years–the issue remains a complex one. I mention this because I’ve been treating more people in recovery from alcohol lately.   … Read More

Hypnosis to Access Your Higher Self

Access Your Higher Self With Hypnosis We would all like to access our higher self. And most people sense they have such a side to them, but that it is unaccessible on a daily basis. Some call it ‘spirit self’, while others refer to it as their higher self. Whatever one chooses to call it, most of us have had … Read More

Access Your Inner MD with Hypnosis

Some refer to the process of asking the ‘higher self’ pertinent questions, as Metaphysical Hypnotherapy. In this state one may ask about physical or emotional health, career, family or even the health of others.

Pain Free Birth With Hypnosis

how did a process wherein a woman’s body is in alignment with nature turn into a horrifying event dreaded by every female in the Western world?


The second reason we hypnotists like to do away with this diagnosis is because we know that a diagnosis is rarely the cause of an issue. It is a symptom of something else altogether that is going on in the psyche.

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Without Struggling.

Once people’s conscious desire, which is, “I want to lose weight” is aligned with the ‘I must survive’ needs of the unconscious mind, the conflicting viewpoints recede and people tend to keep the weight off.