Lose Weight With Hormonal Balancing

Weight Loss: Hormonal Balancing And the 4 Body Types One filter with which we treat portion control is via the hormonal system, using body type to assist in diagnosis and treatment . There are four such types and they are Adrenal, Thyroid, Liver and Ovarian/Teste. Once we identify the prevalent one we treat accordingly using supplements, herbs, acupuncture and, when appropriate, … Read More

Healing Scars and Acne, Naturally

Rooted in German research, we use three modalities together to treat scars. Why bother treating scars, you may ask? Scars can be hazardous to your health on many different levels. Often they cut across several acupuncture meridians, thus weakening the meridians and, therefore, the body electric. And not only does this weaken the body, these scars can cause pain both … Read More

Heavy Metals Detox

Do A Heavy Metals Detox; Free Your Body.  Wondering what it means to do a Heavy Metals Detox? This is part 3 of three articles on how to release toxins from the body in a gentle, yet effective manner.  Given that toxins can be a major source of illness and discomfort that stop people from being able to heal, this … Read More

Test For Toxins In Your Body

NRT is a non-invasive system for determining where the body has stopped working to its peak potential, and then remedying the problem.