Turn A Breech Baby With Hypnosis

I’m excited to report that I  was able to turn a breech baby with hypnosis (and acupuncture). How do I know? On Wednesday, after I had done a week of acupuncture treatments with my client for just that purpose, she went in for a sonogram. Audrey still had not turned. My client was facing an epidural and a very painful … Read More

Turning Breech Babies

Turning Breech Babies  Acupuncturists have been turning breech babies for several thousand years. As one might expect after all that time, we get pretty good results doing so. And while there are few actual statistics for this process, most experienced acupuncturists will have done this simple method successfully a number of times.   A woman recently came to me help her turn … Read More


MOTIVATION You wake up filled with energy and enthusiasm. You’ve made a list of all the things you want to get done.  So long as you remain focused, you will succeed.  However, as the day wears on little things start to distract you; the plans become vague: By nightfall, the goals on your to-do list remain undone.  You go to … Read More

Gratitude And Forgiveness = Power.

Whether a client is in my office for smoking cessation, weight control, nail biting, sports injury–the list is long–they are really there for another reason. They’ve made a decision to take back their power.


The second reason we hypnotists like to do away with this diagnosis is because we know that a diagnosis is rarely the cause of an issue. It is a symptom of something else altogether that is going on in the psyche.

Acupuncture Is A Natural Cure For IBS

The conclusion drawn was that acupuncture is an effective form of treatment for IBS, particularly the pain and stress symptoms, and that its benefits exceed those of standard relaxation treatment.


At Blue Phoenix Wellness it’s our belief that neck pain, both chronic and acute, is best treated using an alternating combination of acupuncture and hypnotherapy.


Self-Hypnosis is a wonderful tool for helping to get rid of a person from your consciousness. Of course it’s more effective in a professional setting, but this exercise helps align your unconscious with the ‘letting go’ program.  You may make a tape to listen to before going to bed.  Contact me if you would like me to send you a … Read More

Facial Rejuvenation Without the Scalpel

Facial Rejuvenation Without The Scalpel I’ve written about the work I do using acupuncture, cold laser and magnets to ease the lines of the face.   Once in a while a client comes in, panicking over a single line or two on their face. As we age, small lines give the face an expressive quality and animation, and those are nothing to … Read More

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Can Help You Access Parts of Yourself Past life regression (PLR) therapy is rooted in the theory that we are eternal beings who carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another.  As eternal souls, we experience physical life on Earth in a series of human bodies with personalities.  On a soul, or astral level, … Read More