An Insomnia And Anxiety Treatment

Insomnia And Anxiety Many people ask me if there is a natural cure for insomnia.  This often comes after a series of attempts to ‘cure’ their condition using sleep medication. I am happy to say that there is. But before treating sleeplessness with hypnosis or acupuncture, I distinguish what form of insomnia the person before me is experiencing. One distinction … Read More

Acupuncture Combats Hypertension

With acupuncture we treat hypertension naturally, without chemical solutions. It is estimated that some 67 million American adults, or 31% of the population, currently have blood pressure levels that are at an unhealthily high level. Many people ask, rightly, how it is that acupuncture can help with this otherwise difficult-to-treat condition. The insertion of tiny, painless and sterile pins into … Read More


INSOMNIA: TREATING IT NATURALLY Getting enough sleep is crucial. But people are looking for help beyond taking sleeping pills. We find an integrated approach works best.   Q. Are there potential issues around using medications for insomnia? Drugs for insomnia mask the problem without eliminating it. The cause of the sleeplessness, now hidden, continues to grow. The invariable side effects … Read More

Fears And Phobias

Conquer Fears And Phobias With Hypnosis Living with a fear or phobia can make your life miserable. A phobia can interfere with you being able to function on a daily basis in your life. Perhaps you’re having a hard time leaving your house, or being in crowds. Many people have a hard time making new friends or talking to people, … Read More

Research On Hypnosis For Weight Loss.

Research On Hypnosis For Weight Loss: Hypnotherapy group with stress reduction achieved significantly more weight loss than the other two treatments. A randomized, controlled, parallel study of two forms of hypnotherapy (directed at stress reduction or energy intake reduction), vs dietary advice alone in 60 obese patients with obstructive sleep apnea on nasal continuous positive airway pressure treatment. ~J Stradling, … Read More

Depression & Anxiety Relief

Acupuncture Relieves Depression and Anxiety One question that comes up constantly in my NYC clinic is, “Can acupuncture help cure depression?” The answer is a resounding Yes. How We Help You Reduce Depression Greatly First of all, it’s not ‘all in your head’.  There are physiological issues at work making you feel this way. The good news is we help without … Read More

Heavy Metals Detox

Do A Heavy Metals Detox; Free Your Body.  Wondering what it means to do a Heavy Metals Detox? This is part 3 of three articles on how to release toxins from the body in a gentle, yet effective manner.  Given that toxins can be a major source of illness and discomfort that stop people from being able to heal, this … Read More

Facial Rejuvenation Without the Scalpel

Facial Rejuvenation Without The Scalpel I’ve written about the work I do using acupuncture, cold laser and magnets to ease the lines of the face.   Once in a while a client comes in, panicking over a single line or two on their face. As we age, small lines give the face an expressive quality and animation, and those are nothing to … Read More

Exam Performance And Study Habits

Enhanced Exam Performance And Study Habits Some people know that hypnosis can help you conquer test anxiety. Did you know it can also help you study? The simple fact is that hypnosis can help with the three things you most need when it comes to taking a big exam successfully: Storing Information, Retrieving Information, and Relaxed Confidence.  Although most people think … Read More

Hypnotic Gastric Bypass Surgery

HYPNOTIC GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY Change your Mindset, Change your Body. We all know we need to eater smaller portions, eat healthier foods and increase activity in order to lose weight, but until we change the mindset, if you’re only using the conscious part of the mind, the will power, it’s a struggle, and we don’t need to struggle anymore. Hypnosis … Read More