Dry Needling: Is it Acupuncture

Our 4 years of training in acupuncture tells us that the greatest healing is done by placing pins away from the source of pain. Most physical therapists typically have 40 hours of training in acupuncture, and therefore have little recourse but to put the syringes in an area that is already compromised.

Hypnosis And Insomnia

A person may be unable to sleep soundly through the night for multiple reasons. The problem may have begun in childhood due to a simple issue such as having been awakened from a deep sleep. This would create an imprint that hypnosis can bring to the surface. Or it might be more recent, due to financial issues, death of a … Read More


Insomnia And Acupuncture Insomnia is a dysfunction of the mind and body, and acupuncture essentially jumpstarts the body’s core functions leading it back to health. In treating insomnia with acupuncture we analyze the body’s mysteries to discover the causes.  Soon, seemingly unrelated symptoms lead us to create a treatment strategy. The patterns we see often include: Difficulty falling asleep; feeling … Read More

Acupuncture Combats Hypertension

With acupuncture we treat hypertension naturally, without chemical solutions. It is estimated that some 67 million American adults, or 31% of the population, currently have blood pressure levels that are at an unhealthily high level. Many people ask, rightly, how it is that acupuncture can help with this otherwise difficult-to-treat condition. The insertion of tiny, painless and sterile pins into … Read More


INSOMNIA: TREATING IT NATURALLY Getting enough sleep is crucial. But people are looking for help beyond taking sleeping pills. We find an integrated approach works best.   Q. Are there potential issues around using medications for insomnia? Drugs for insomnia mask the problem without eliminating it. The cause of the sleeplessness, now hidden, continues to grow. The invariable side effects … Read More

Acupuncture Treats Allergies–Naturally

Acupuncture Treats Allergies Naturally It’s true, that acupuncture treats allergies naturally. By boosting your own immune system you can reduce the wheezing, sneezing and discomfort associated with allergic reactions. Under your physician’s guidance, you can stop using the inhalers and drugs you currently use for allergy symptoms.   Not only are allergies extremely common, they are becoming more so. In fact … Read More

Acupuncture Treats Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Treat Carpal Tunnel with Acupuncture One of the most common job-related  injuries, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is responsible for the highest number of days lost among all work-related injuries. Over two million visits to physician’s offices and over 465,000 operations each year are directly attributable to CTS. Using acupuncture for CTS often lessens the need for surgery, anti-inflammatory drugs or … Read More

Depression & Anxiety Relief

Acupuncture Relieves Depression and Anxiety One question that comes up constantly in my NYC clinic is, “Can acupuncture help cure depression?” The answer is a resounding Yes. How We Help You Reduce Depression Greatly First of all, it’s not ‘all in your head’.  There are physiological issues at work making you feel this way. The good news is we help without … Read More

Acupuncture For Migraines

Acupuncture For Migraines. It may come as no surprise that 76 million Americans suffer from headaches and migraines.  When we live with stress, contaminated food and environmental pollution, our bodies will react with discomfort, letting us know that we need help. And when we seek help, we have choices: We can go to medication–the Western Allopathic answer to most everything–or … Read More

More On Acupuncture

Acupuncture is acknowledged as the oldest living form of medicine in the world, with written records going back over 3000 years. It is also a universally accepted complementary health system and has been accepted and promoted by WHO, the World Health Organization, for its ability to treat a host of illnesses and disorders, including arthritis, rhinitis, common cold, stress and … Read More