Relieve Anxiety/Obsessive Thoughts


The Western medical community considers anxiety to be one of the most difficult conditions to Unknown-1treat and, rather than try to cure it, medicates. Often there are emotional causes, and talk therapy treats these conditions with some success, over many sessions.  More often there is a physiological response taking place in the hormones. Neurotransmitters congregate near receptor sites that are full of chemicals, called corticoids, that induce anxiety, depression and stress. It’s not all in your mind by a long stretch.

We test for hormonal problems in all anxiety patients, and have found that between 80-90% of them have two major contributing factors:  A sympathetic nervous system (SNS) that is frozen in “fight or flight’ mode, and/or a depleted Adrenal/thyroid system. When we address these contributing factors we are able to make great strides to eliminate them using acupuncture, hypnosis, or both.   We treat many different types of anxiety, including: 

Generalized Free-floating Anxiety
Panic attacks
Obsessive thoughts
Vague Fears and nerves
Difficulty Coping With Stress
Performance anxiety
Worry and uncertainty
Anxiety linked to low self esteem or confidence.

Whichever form anxiety/fear takes,  it can feel devastating. Often it begins by worrying about something rational but soon morphs into “what if” type questions that have no bearing on reality. Hypnosis  and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are powerful systems that break down the negative thought patterns and ‘hard-wire’ new, more positive ones instead.

ClarityWe begin by teaching you self-hypnosis techniques that are very beneficial to you. Our goal is to help you get rid of old thought patterns that no longer serve you. For instance: You’re struggling studying for an exam, but it’s linked to a negative memory that makes you anxious about test-taking. The two thoughts are paired. Much as they would be if I said “Tiffany”, many people would instantly conjure the image of a diamond. 

One way we make anxiety less powerful is by finding out what its secondary benefit is, and then substituting it for another, less damaging one.  One of the goals of hypnotherapy is to replace old and now damaging ‘tapes’ with new and highly improved ones of your own making.

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If you’re currently on prescription medication or under a therapist’s care for anxiety or depression, we will coordinate with your licensed medical provider.