About Daniel, and Blue Phoenix Wellness

NCCAOM Licensed Acupuncturist, NGH Certified Hypnotist, Nutrition Tester


20120914_110912I often tell people that I came to Chinese medicine, and hypnosis, the long way around. I was a working  musician, when, in my late thirties I did an about-face and returned to school completing a rigorous four year program in Chinese Medicine. In 1995, I  burst out of the proverbial gate, and began working at a pain management clinic seeing 100 patients a week. That experience made clear to me that pain often has an emotional component and is at the root of many physical problems. In 2005 I felt drawn to medical hypnosis as a way to alleviate emotional pain, anxiety and insomnia. I soon began an extensive course of study in Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Neuro-LInguistic Programming and Egyptian Trance work. 

My belief that environmental toxins impact on every aspect of our health led me to study hormonal balancing. I now use acupuncture, herbs, hypnosis and hormonal balancing–all systems that I’ve studied extensively–to help the person before me. The focus in my clinic is on insomnia, pain, anxiety, digestive issues, and stress. Many people come in with multiple issues. If there is “good news” surrounding that, it is that there is often a common cause to seemingly disparate issues. When one problem falls away, it is not rare to see others do so as well.

I’ve taught at university, worked with hedge-fund managers (they like that edge!), and with women who were remanded to halfway houses (I’ll take them over the Hedgies anyday!). As a specialist in sleep disorders, I often lecture on the diverse ways people heal from insomnia, pain, anxiety, and stress.  

Oh, and I still play my old Gibson guitar. 

Licenses and Certifications:

• BS from University of Wisconsin
• 1995 Graduated College Traditional Chinese Health-Care as Acupuncture Physician
• Nationally Board Licensed (NCCAOM) in Acupuncture, New York State
• Graduate (New York NLP Center) in Level I & II Ericksonian Hypnosis.
• Member of National Guild Of Hypnotists (CH)
• Director of Blue Phoenix Wellness since 2000.

• Fluent In: Spanish, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Nutrition Testing and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Praise for DanielDan is an incredible healer, I started going to see him in 2016 for stress related pain and found the combination of his acupuncture and herbal suggestions to dramatically improve my shoulder and back pain. Highly recommend his services!  Mandana M. (https://business.google.com/reviews/l/06422654551916539675?hl=en)