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Service Fee Schedule/Cancellation Policy


Payments and Policies
Payment is expected at the time of treatment. You may pay in cash or using a credit card. We also accept United Health, Empire/Blue and Cigna, as well as some other insurance.


Cancellation Policy
We kindly request 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment. Although there are extenuating circumstances such as family emergencies, we consider your time sacrosanct, and therefore humbly expect the same.
Some people do not consider this sort of thing important, and assume it doesn’t matter if they cancel within 24 hours. For this reason I would ask that, if you must cancel a session, you have the courtesy to do so within the above-mentioned time frame. 


Cancellation fees are as follows: 
– A $75 no-show fee is charged to clients who fail to show up for their appointment, or who cancel within the 24 hour period. 
– Your time is important to us. We do our best to limit wait times to less than 20 minutes. Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Due to time constraints we may not be able to accommodate clients who arrive more than 20 minutes late. 


Gift Certificates
Give the gift of health!  Gift certificates may be purchased in any increment and no not expire. Gift certificates can be purchased for any service that we offer including acupuncture, hypnotherapy or Nutrition Response Testing. Contact us for more information. 



Initial  Session. Includes Consultation, Diagnosis, Report Of Findings, full treatment and Recommendations: $135

All follow up sessions:  $100

5 Session Package:  ($535 Value): $495.00 

10 Session Package ($1035 Value): $920.00

20 Session Package ($2035 Value) $1750.00



Initial Hypnosis Session: $200.  Includes a full intake, Report Of Findings and 60 Minute Session

Follow-up sessions:  $175.00

3 Session Pack: $510 (($550 Value) Ideal for Nicotine Cessation, many emotional issues, Pain Control.

6 Session Pack  ($1075 Value): $970.00. Ideal For Weight Loss, IBS and other difficult cases.

10 Session Pack ($1775.00 Value) $1650. Ideal of Intensive Weight loss; IBS, Chronic Conditions.


This highly effective protocol uses Hypnosis and Acupuncture together within a single session to reduce/eliminate cravings and discomfort.  It treats IBS, anxiety and certain other complex issues that engage both body and mind. 

  • Initial 75 minute Session: $250 Follow up session: $200
  • Quit Nicotine2 session package: $350 
  • Quit Nicotine 3 session package: $495.

*Note: This is not a magic bullet for quitting smoking. The person must still be highly motivated before walking in the door. What Hypnopuncture will do is help the motivated client get over the ‘hump’ of quitting more effectively than any other system can. 


Blue Phoenix IBS Treatment Program utilizes hypnotherapy, acupuncture and targeted supplements to significantly decrease/eliminate diarrhea, constipation, bloating, urgency, and many other uncomfortable symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. If you are struggling with this uncomfortable illness, contact us for a free consultation. We can help.




**Please note that the value of each treatment is when done on a stand-alone basis.  By keeping your costs down, but still giving you maximum service, we hope to be part of the solution to the smoking problem.  

Silver:  1 Hypnopuncture session: $250  65% success rate in one session. Includes: 

  1. Detox Acupuncture treatment (Value: $125.00)
  2. Quit Smoking Hypnosis (Value: $175.00 to $225)
  3. Magnet Therapy (magnets left in ear for stress-free transition) (Value: Part of  Detox Acupuncture treatment)
  4. Cold Low Level Laser treatment (LLLT) on relevant skin zones. (Value: $95.00 to $195) 

Gold: 2 Hypnopuncture sessions (80 % success rate): $350.00 ($590 value). The Two Sessions Include: 

  1. 2 Detox Acupuncture treatments 
  2. 2 Quit Smoking Hypnosis sessions 
  3. 2 Magnet Therapy treatments (Value: Part of  Detox Acupuncture treatment)
  4. 2 Cold Low Level Laser treatments  (LLLT) on relevant skin zones (Value: $90)

Platinum: 3 Hypnopuncture Sessions (90% Success Rate).  Special Rate: $495.00 (Value: $840)

  1. 3 Detox Acupuncture treatments and Quit Smoking Hypnosis Sessions. Value: $750
  2. Magnet Therapy Treatment (Part of Detox acupuncture).
  3. 1 Cold Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT) on relevant skin zones. (Value: $90)

8  Series of 8 Acupuncture sessions: $675  Additional Supplements may be prescribed to assist with cravings and withdrawal symptoms. 


Dieting without a change of mindset rarely works. Low Fat doesn’t work; Exercise works in 11% of the populace. The solution lies within yourself, and by changing your relationship with food. In hypnosis, the unconscious directs the conscious mind, therefore the mind no longer struggles to ‘not eat’. We add acupuncture to the mix to hasten the metabolism. We may also check to see if toxins are holding back the healing process and then repair the problem. We prime both body and mind for change…naturally, without grueling exercise or, worse, ‘diets.’Each of our three programs of Weight Release is meant for those who:

  1. Truly wish to let go of excess weight, and
  2. Are ready to be active participants in this process.

The Blue Phoenix Program offers no magic bullet, and we have no magic wand to instantly melt the fat off. Our program engages your subconscious mind to help you lose your taste for foods that don’t serve you.  What’s more, we program you to keep the weight off. Our Gold and Platinum Programs include powerful de-stress techniques that will help you greatly in this process.

1) SILVER: $450.00

  • 2 Hypnosis Sessions ($325.00 regular)
  • 1 Acupuncture session ($130 regular)
  • Nutritional Examination and Dietary Plan ($100)
  • Normally $555.00
  • For $450.00
  • Savings: $105.00

2) GOLD $740.00

  • 1 Hypnopuncture (acupuncture and hypnosis combined) $250.00
  • 2 Hypnosis Sessions  ($300.00)
  • 2 Acupuncture ($210)
  • 1 Nutrition Testing Body Scan; Report Of Findings
  • and supplement prescriptions  ($75.00)
  • Nutritional Examination and Dietary Plan ($100)
  • Normally: $935
  • Savings:   $195

3) PLATINUM $1095

  • 2 Hypnopuncture Sessions ($500)
  • 2 Hypnosis Sessions   ($300)
  • 3 Acupuncture $290
  • 2 Nutrition Body Scan Sessions: Reports of Findings and targeted supplement prescriptions  $150
  • 1 Nutritional Examination and Dietary Plan ($100)
  • Normally: $1340.00
  • Savings: $250.00

Do you feel as if you want a more customized program for yourself? Let’s talk!  (212) 777-7191


The Environmental Detox/Organ Repair Program:

$125.00+ Cost of Supplements.

Includes:  Initial Examination (This entails a complete Muscle-test Body Exam of all the major organs and endocrine system. We check for two things: Weakness and Toxicity. If either/or is found, we locate, again through muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology), the correct supplement that will remedy the situation. Finally, once more using Applied Kinesiology, we determine the correct dose. 

$50 per exam thereafter.

Supplements may run between $30 and $60 per month.


Package of 24 acupuncture treatments (3 months of care) 

$1680. Savings: up to $1750.00

Do You Accept Insurance

We currently accept:

  • United Health
  •  Oxford Freedom,
  • Empire/Blue Cross,
  • Cigna,
  • Magna Care 
  • Coventry


We also accept out of Network.

What is your Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy allows a client up to 24 hours if they need to cancel the appointment, otherwise there is a $50 dollar fee for canceling.