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You can begin by taking a nice deep breath in and as you let it go, just feel all of your muscles begin to relax. Take another deep breath in...and slowly, as you let it out, begin to feel all the muscles in your neck and shoulders let go...

That's it, just relax those muscles. Really allow your body and your mind to go into that quiet zone; really, breathe in every breath and feel yourself going deeper, so quickly, and so easily.

And you might notice how that warm feeling...takes over your body. And take another nice, deep breath. Let it out, and now notice that in your mind, you're becoming more curious about what you might experience, the things you could create...with your mind.

And the curious part of your brain, is beginning to open, to expand. So just notice where that curious place is. And you may begin to wonder...how your world around you will shift...as peoples' reactions and responses to you will change...

perhaps, how you look at everything you're doing with different eyes...from a different mind set. So notice that curious part of your brain...is right there, wondering how much better you could feel. And close your eyes now, and relax, even more...


Welcome to the Blue Phoenix Wellness store. We are currently under construction, but please check back. You will be able to purchase various items here, including:

  • Healing Inductions in MP3 form
  • Standard Process supplements
  • Music by Dan Reinaldo Bernstein