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Acupuncture can help you sleep through the night…

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Hypnosis To Help You Sleep

Retrain your brain from the ground up with hypnosis

Curious about Hypnosis for sleep?

10 Ways You Can Get Better Sleep

Sometimes it's all about your mineral intake

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Regain Self Confidence With Hypnosis

Using deep relaxation and focused concentration

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Release Back and Shoulder pain

Using gentle, natural acupuncture

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Adrenal Exhaustion is Surprisingly Common...

and often overlooked. If you are experiencing burnout, we may be able to help.

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Quit Smoking The Easy Way

...using hypnosis combined with acupuncture we have an 80% + rate of people staying off cigarettes.

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Trance is as Natural as...

Driving Along A Highway and finding you've gone 20 miles without knowing how you got there.

Sleep Is Precious...Protect It

Whether through hypnosis, acupuncture or supplements that support your autonomic nervous system.


Eliminate Hay Fever and Allergies

with Hypnosis and acupuncture

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Change Your Mind...

Create positive new habits, with hypnosis.

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Migraines And Headaches...

Acupuncture has been shown to be an effective treatment modality.

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Quitting Smoking Is Easy

With Hypnopuncture. You just have to want to quit.

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                              HOW HYPNOSIS CAN HELP WITH FERTILITY

By now we all know about the mind-body connection. What was not known until recently is that fertility is also part that process, and stress plays a huge role—and a negative one—in a woman’s ability to conceive. A woman under undue stress can experience any one of numerous physical responses, including loss of period.

How Hypnosis Can Help In the fertility process:

Hypnosis can help with Unexplained Infertility. Unexplained infertility is one of the five causes of fertility issues (Ovarian, fallopian, uterine and the Male partner being the others).  Clearly the mind is powerful enough to impact on fertility.  Under hypnosis one may address issues that might not otherwise be dealt with: financial concerns, parenting fears, previous miscarriages, fear of delivery, sex trauma, etc., etc. Addressing these fears is a major first step toward making sure the client isn’t subconsciously sabotaging the process.

A client can learn self-hypnosis so that during assisted fertilization—IVF or IUI (intrauterine insemination) she may go into trance and become more comfortable during the procedure.

Negative thoughts can biochemically impact on the hypothalamus, thus impacting on the pituitary gland. The pituitary acts on the reproductive organs and on the adrenal gland. The stress hormones they release can cause spasms of the fallopian tubes, which is where the fertilization takes place. We teach our clients how to relax, thus minimizing anxiety and stress levels.

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