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Hypnosis And Insomnia

There are many potential causes for a person’s inability to sleep soundly through the night. The problem may have begun in childhood due to emotional trauma. Perhaps a person, having been wakened violently as a child, created a lifelong imprint that only hypnotherapy can bring to the surface. On the other hand, sleeplessness may have an adult onset due to financial issues, death of a loved one, divorce or another undesired life change. And so the form of hypnosis would be different, reflecting these and other factors.  

It is important to understand that the subconscious mind is always doing what it does in order to benefit the person. And while that might sound implausible given the discomfort of insomnia, it can be a powerful motivator. Sometimes it offers up sleeplessness as a way of telling the person that he/she needs to make changes in his/her life, and until they do insomnia will continue to present itself. We have methods for ‘asking’ the subconscious mind these and other ‘questions’ to help us decipher the workings of the subconscious.