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Before Your First Appointment (please read!)

What should I do (or not do) after my appointment?

Try to rest. Avoid exercise if possible, and if you must exercise, do so moderately. Avoid caffeine and alcohol consumption after your appointment. Eat food that is healthy and nourishing; avoid greasy, heavy, and processed foods. This will ensure that you feel your best after a treatment.

meridian-man-1AWhat can Chinese medicine do for me?

It is helpful to understand that you can utilize Chinese medicine/acupuncture in one of two ways – as a band-aid/quick fix, or as a way to get to the root of a problem and heal more deeply. It’s truly okay to use it whatever way you wish, but know that Chinese medicine really shines when it is used to really heal and change the landscape of your body.

When will it start to work?

It helps to liken Chinese medicine to physical therapy – it’s a retraining of the body whether using acupuncture or herbs. Some people and conditions tend to respond to acupuncture pretty quickly – some take time. Sometimes we get it right at the first appointment, and you’ll feel relief immediately. Sometimes it takes two or three sessions to get to the core of the issue, and then we start to see progress. Sometimes, especially if the problem is chronic, it can take longer. Some people try acupuncture after years of doing other therapy or getting surgery that didn’t really work, but then coming here and expecting an instant shift.

To those folks I say, I understand.

If the paradigm that you trusted overpromised and under-delivered, you’ll probably be wondering about new modalities. But since it’s our health, we are naturally suspicious of new therapies (especially since the old, supposedly trusted one let us down!). Chinese medicine has been around for three thousand years. In the end it’s not magic, it’s therapy, and good enough that the WHO (World Health Organization) has called it therapy for the 21st Century.

How often should I come?

Again, it all depends on your expectations. Drug medicine seeks to get your symptoms under control, and most people are okay with that. Chinese medicine focuses on treating your symptoms, while repairing the underlying problem. Generally, I start acupuncture patients out on a once or twice per week schedule, and then start weaning them off of that schedule as soon as we are seeing some real changes (moving to once per two weeks, then once per month, etc). In the longer term, expect to require tune-ups once or twice a year.

What can I expect from Daniel?

It is very important to me that you be here only if I feel this work can help you. I will be completely honest about this with you at all times. And while we cannot predict how, or if, someone will respond to treatment, I will have an idea within a few sessions if you’ll be a good candidate for continued care. As far as continued care, I will space out your appointments as much as is possible for you to receive the accumulated benefits of Chinese medicine (acupuncture &/or herbs).

Practicing medicine with integrity is extremely important to me, and you are extremely important to me. When you come to Blue Phoenix Wellness, it is a time that you get to leave everything outside the door and let someone else take care of you. If you ever need anything while you are here (quieter music, no music, to be warmer, water, anything) all you have to do is ask. Your comfort is paramount.

What if something comes up after my appointment? if I have a question? Or feel weird?

Contact me. My email address is [email protected], and if you’d like to leave me a private voicemail you can do that by calling the office anytime.