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Medical Hypnosis


The Wall Street Journal reported that hypnosis helps IBS. It’s always fascinating when a conservative periodical lauds what many still call ‘alternative therapies’.  That’s precisely what happened when The Wall Street Journal wrote a positive piece on Hypnosis. Of course, it was loaded with information that was, if not plain wrong, then misleading. And as both a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed acupuncturist, I love it when another door opens, and more …Read More

Pre-Surgery Self-Hypnosis

Steer clear of repeating negative words or statements about future events such as ‘I will not feel pain”, or “I will not be nauseous”. Use only positive words and present-tense statements instead: “As I wake up I’m very relaxed and pain free. I am hungry.”Read More

Reduce Mastectomy Pain with Hypnosis

Reduce Mastectomy Pain With Hypnosis Many patients have found they can reduce mastectomy pain with hypnosis. One way that Hypnosis can effectively lessen the trauma of surgery is by helping patients reduce their stress levels. Stress causes muscles to tighten. And when muscles tighten, the veins contract with them, trapping toxins in the blood. Arterial blood gets trapped and is unable to provide oxygen to the heart. Lymph fluid gets …Read More

Menopause Without Symptoms Part III

Menopause Without Symptoms Part III Hopefully, you’ve read Menopause Without Symptoms Part I, and MWS Part II. If you have gotten this far, congratulations. You’re more than curious, you are focused on boosting your health. I’ve extended this topic to say you don’t have to get HRT.  You don’t have to get on statins to lower your cholesterol.  That by changing your diet (not radically, by the way), and making …Read More